Christeon GordonChris Gordon was born in Babylon N.Y. the son of an Artist father and mother whom was a gospel singer, Chris developed a love for artistic expression, listening to his mother sing and watching his father create. He remembers writing song lyrics as early as 10 years old. His love for written prose arose from a tenuous relationship with his 10th grade english teach Mr. Stallman. “I can freely admit that it was his insistence of phonetic understanding that he derived his current style of verbiage.”┬áChris also accredits a large part of his literal style and understanding to Jacob Liptkin, the great American sculptor, who’s works don the walkway of Harvard university and the Smithsonian, The time he spent in his tutelage shaped and impressed on him the art of story telling. When he entered the professional world, he worked as a Stock Broker throughout the 90’s, before becoming a Financial Consultant for Merrill Lynch and then serving as District Manager of Orange County for American Express Financial Advisors. Chris worked in high finance for several years, before he obtained his first job in film finance in, September of 2003. Today, he is a father and has become a seasoned feature film, documentary and television production and business development professional.