Shane Hutchison
Shane Hutchison was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho at which he lived for a whole 10 weeks before moving on to Hartford, CT.  A short two years later Shane found himself living in Phoenix, AZ.  From birth to present Shane has lived at over 90 addresses across 16 states including a short 6 months in France, proving to be a modern-day nomad with the drive to have as many life and people experiences as he can.  

Shane was raised in “Mormon” (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) religion where he gained the foundation of his own faith.  His “Mom” (1st stepmother who raised him) was raised in the Methodist faith.  A few years after serving an honorable gospel preaching mission for the Mormon church, Shane found himself no longer finding continuous expansive growth for himself in any religion.  At the age of 28, Shane accepted his same-sex attractions.

Shane completed his undergraduate studies in Psychology and Finance.  He worked in social services field during college and until three years after.  After a short 6-month break from this field, he got his foot in the door in the Information Technology field where he has continued his career to this day. 

Shane has always enjoyed reading and writing since early schooldays.  A very patient instructor at Goucher College was instrumental in helping him hone his skills from writing to the 5% to writing for the greater population, expanding the potential reach of his voice.