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Excerpt: Paul Began to Question Himself

“…  It was in this moment that Paul began to question himself and come into some semblance of consciousness of what his wife had been saying to him for years, that he was not the same man that she had married. The ideals and principals he had fought for were gone and had been replaced by cynicism and suspicion. There was no glow of chivalry anymore; it had been replaced by stoicism and second guessing… “

Bear, Sounding Board

“…So J. H. and Gert bought Bear, they both felt that Bear would bring into the household what was so obviously missing, a neutral loving presence with no way to disapprove or walk away. The rising cost of Bear’s treatment seemed expensive, but worth it. Graves no longer had to speak to Gert almost at all anymore. For the Graves, Bear had become a sounding board…